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Medicare Insurance Accepted

Medicare Assignment is accepted for all covered charges


  • Insurances other than Medicare including HMO's are not accepted, but patients may receive services on a Fee for service basis at Medicare Assignment rates.


Additional Medicare Information:


If you have Medicare and a Part B coinsurance, you are covered, but some coinsurance plans have large deductibles and therefore the Medicare Part B deductible may not have been met. Check your policy for details. Some PPOs will cover the annual Part B deductible and your 20% copay, some may not. We will bill both Medicare and your coinsurance, but you are responsible for any unpaid deductible or coinsurance due.


If you have an HMO, Medicare Advantage Plan (another HMO), or are an active Medicare patient that does not qualify for in home medical care, you can still have the convenience and personal care we offer at home and assisted living facilities. Services are provided at very reasonable rates.

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